Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 5 - Whoa Nelly!

I saw a couple of posts that are dealing with their "girl weeks". 8-(  I am in the same boat and it has been crazy!  It came earlier than usual and hit me like a truck.  My recently acquired ability to take or leave carbs went completely out the window.  I was not able to physically do anything but the bare minimum to get through my day on Monday, so I didn't get to my cardio workout until yesterday morning.  Will double up my cardio & strength today now that my body feels like it can lift more than a pencil.  Not my preferred way of getting all my workouts in, but I figure it is better than ditching them all together.  I will be doing strength again tomorrow before I go into yoga with Chris.  4 weeks ago that would have been a no go, but I think my body is up for it now. 

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Carrie


  1. Carrie, glad your body has rebounded! Sounds like your spirit never faltered!

  2. Are you doing better now? It appears so. Being a girl totally has it's benefits . . . but that's not one of them huh? :) Look at you doubling up on workouts to catch up. Impressive!