Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3!

Day 3 and my cardio workout is done as well as my breakfast log.  That's a pretty good feeling!  Yesterday's strength training was a shock to my system.  I didn't expect an innocent looking jump rope to be such a workout weapon, I was shaking by the end of the first circuit!  Today I am a little sore going down the stairs, but I am in a much better mood than I thought I would be on Day 3!   Still no soda or desserts.  I am also tracking my sodium in my foods and I am surprised at some of the levels in "healthy foods".  Take care!


  1. Carrie, I am laughing out loud at your jumprope comment. It brings back memories to me about the same thing when I did BTWG! Didn't we do that as children with ease and smiles on our faces??? That smile will be back as the body remembers. Congrats on today's cardio and food logging!

  2. Nice, Carrie! Great stuff - the soreness, all of it!